Tuesday, January 19, 2021

The Magenta Scandal Continued

Here is a more in-depth analysis of "the Magenta Scandal" - Colour Theory, and "the wholeness of Nature"



  1. Wonderful video. I learned something new today.

  2. Great video. I am really enjoying these posts about optics and color.

  3. Also, what do you think would it look like if people could see ultraviolet or infrared light? I have read one person who said that ultraviolet would just look like the most extreme violet looks now. As the spectrum expands we would perceive sharper distinctions between colors. That would correspond with us being able to perceive a wider range of wavelengths. It might also suggest that there is something special about the quality of the colors we see.

    On the other hand, maybe ultraviolet would look like something unimaginable, something as different from violet as violet is from blue.

    1. "On the other hand, maybe ultraviolet would look like something unimaginable, something as different from violet as violet is from blue."

      I would be weary about such questions. For what is really meant by "ultra violet light" anyway? It isn't phenomenal, except as a chemical reaction, so (phenomenally speaking) it isn't really "light" at all. To then entertain the question as to what "colour" ultraviolet would be is then a step of abstraction even further away from the reality we live in. I quote Bruce Charlton's comment to this video;

      "I think Barfield's take on this (in Saving the Appearances) is to be mindful that the reductionist explanations that go-behind primal phenomena are certainly Not True; but need to be regarded as simplified models for the purpose of prediction and control. The models may be useful in some circumstances, as can be seen from the golden age of science; but when people forget/ deny that models are certainly false (as a generalisation - despite whatever specific usefulness), they are grossly misled."
      - B. Charlton

      I think it is also important to imagine the totality or wholeness of colour. By this I mean; even if we have a situation where a light source is shining only three parts of the spectrum (Low, medium & high) and all the other intermediary wavelengths are completely missing, the light still manifests all the colours of the rainbow to our eyes. (Indeed, this is how a computer screen works by a combination of only red, blue, and green light sources)


    2. Than you for your answer. I had not thought about it from that perspective before.


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