Sunday, January 31, 2021

The Musician

 If you imagine your life as a musical instrument, and your own spirit as the musician, you quickly see that it is up to you what sort of music you wish to play. For a good musician does not confuse himself with his instrument. He does not think to himself "my violin is out of tune, therefore I am out of tune". Similarly, he does not feel limited just because his instrument is limited. Sure, the instrument makes the tones and sounds that are characteristic of that particular instrument - a piano cannot play like a trumpet. But it would be a very deluded pianist indeed, who concluded from this fact that he himself is determined by the characteristics of his instrument. For in reality the musician can play an infinite variety of melodies, to an equally infinite level of perfection, regardless of the limitations of the instrument he happens to be playing. 

In the same way, the life I am given to live does not determine the limits and destiny of my spirit.

Saturday, January 23, 2021

 It started with drawing ugly shoes that everyone finds so fashionable... and then the ubiquitous tight trousers with baggy bottoms had to be added... and then it turned into a summary of everything mainstream... 



Thursday, January 21, 2021

The Symetry of Colour

Here is another instalment of this study in colour. It is intended to demonstrate how additive colour mixing works on an intuitive level. It is not intended to replace the reductionistic model with yet another model, but instead to reveal the coherence and logic contained in the relationship between colours. This understanding runs contrary to the mechanistic explanation of colour, whereby the relationships between colours are assumed to be arbitrary, and any meaning we might see in them merely the result of cultural and/or biological conditioning.   For more on this topic, please visit this post.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

The Magenta Scandal Continued

Here is a more in-depth analysis of "the Magenta Scandal" - Colour Theory, and "the wholeness of Nature"


Wednesday, January 13, 2021

"Magenta does not exist"


This statement contradicts our immediate, first-hand empirical experience.

How is it, then, that science-journalists have come to propagate such a patent lie?

Well, the answer is; materialism.

You see, the first step you take as a materialist is to imagine a molecule, or wave, as being the only thing that really exists. You then conflate the colour with the molecule, or wave.

Step two, you discover that there is no magenta when you shine a beam of light through a prism.

Never mind that Goethe demonstrates that there is indeed magenta when light shines through a prism - only, you have to project a thin beam of shadow through it instead of a thin beam of light (see diagram bellow)

But you are a materialist. Only what is positively THERE can be considered real. So naturally, only the light is real, not the darkness. You then automatically conclude that magenta is a composite of blue and red wavelengths - in other words, you arrive at a lie - that magenta doesn't really exist.

As a materialist, you over-look the fact that, according to your own metaphysical assumptions, ALL colour is not "really there" - but never mind that, you aren't particularly interested in thinking things through - after all, thinking "isn't really there" either.

 I state all this so-as to illustrate a point. If science journalists can propagate such absolute non-truths as "magenta is not a real colour" as a result of their materialistic delusions, imagine what catastrophes of misinformation they are capable of when it comes to health.

Top diagram shows the classic prismatic colours, where a thin beam of light is shone through a prism.

Below show's Goethe's inversion of the above; where a thin beam of shadow is "shone" through the prism. Here the prismatic colours are inverted, with magenta in the middle.

Friday, January 8, 2021

 Academic intellectual people have always been jealous of those who are artistic and good with their hands - that is why they have gone to such extraordinary lengths to control the world; from making highly imaginative children feel stupid in school, to forcing everyone to do everything via their box-ticking icon-clicking inter-net. Their crowning achievement though, is to take something as simple and practical as money, and twist it and invert it through so many convulsions and contradictions, that entire industries of finance have been erected to trade in products that are in fact nothing but agreements between other people. And yet, due to the sharp, heartless intelligence of these scheming intellectuals, we all have to go along with it, for they are literally re-creating the world in their image.

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Politics and Science

 Using science to enforce political decisions will undermine both politics and science - for politics is about human relations which are by definition subjective, and science is about abstract, objective facts that by definition have to exclude what is subjective. When the two are mixed together, as is now being done, science becomes subjective, and politics becomes dehumanised.

 For I can have perfectly valid political reasons to be against the government's response to "the science", ie, I might maintain that taking a stand against totalitarianism is more important than fighting climate change or the latest variant of bird flue - and I fully admit that this is a political position and not a scientific one. Does that make it any less valid?

Put another way; I have a problem with someone who claims their political position is scientific. For politics is about values, and there is an assumption that value systems can be derived from science when in fact all that science can do is give us information, it cannot give us the value system to know how to act on that information.
When, in politics, one side claims their values are scientific, and that they are acting according to "the science", they are guilty of confusing two very different things.
If, in the end, most people succumb to totalitarianism to reduce "the spread" or "CO2 levels", then that will be a political phenomenon based on a specific value-system that happens to predominate in society - it won't be because everyone suddenly understands what science is.

 If you don't believe in freedom, then what exactly is it about slavery that upsets you so much?

Capitalism and the Welfare State

 The consumer is no longer the individual, or the middle classes, or the tourist - the consumer is now the welfare State, with its seemingly unlimited capacity for borrowing against the tax payer's future. In other words, predatory capitalism is tapping public spending, and the public, forced to pay for it by law, have lost all say over whether they even want what their governments are spending their money on.


 I love tuning into the news every evening after work to find out what the latest advice is on how to be covid-correct. Paying so much attention to our great leader, and making sure the virus is in our minds at every minute of every day gives me relief from life's real challenges and responsibilities. At last we have a government that can take all of our responsibilities away from us, so that we are free to never have to think for ourselves again.

The Archetype of all Ideas

  Our capacity to think about nature objectively is at the same time natures capacity to express itself as IDEA. Our capacity to then think...