Thursday, October 14, 2021

Technological War

 In a technological war, we do not fire our weapons at the enemy, but rather at ourselves. We make ourselves the targets of our own weapons. That is why we are furiously developing and buying gadgets and communication systems that we don't really want or even need, because we know that if we don't upgrade this or that system or gadget, our competition will and then they will win. So for example, schools are pressured into giving smartphones to kids because even though there is all the common sense in the world that tells us it's a bad idea, we do it anyway. Why? Because we are fighting a technological war in which we fire our weapons at ourselves and our own children in order to "win".

Thursday, September 16, 2021

The biggest Delusion of Modern Humanity


The biggest delusion of all is that sterile matter could ever have changed itself into something living through natural selection. For the definition of "sterile" is precisely that it is the antithesis to any form of life. If the universe really did begin in a blazing mass of burning hot matter, then it would make no difference what material processes have occurred since that origin, for these processes would still be sterile today regardless of how many billions of years they had had to change into different processes. A machine is dead, no matter how complex it might become and the idea that we are machines is really the idea that all life is actually not alive at all, but only seems alive. The adherent to this kind of materialism has to ultimately deny their own personal vitality - they must conclude that they themselves are... sterile.

Monday, September 13, 2021

Jesus: as Taboo as Ever


If Jesus lived in our times we would judge him as immoral for visiting and tending to the sick instead of obeying the government "guidelines" of self-isolating. The law would also smack him with a massive fine for it.
It seems that Jesus is as taboo now as He was when we crucified Him. The only difference is that today we are too cowardly to punish people directly. Our method of crucifixion is to covertly destroy a person's life with a plethora of bureaucratic fines and restrictions. "He basically crucified himself by not complying", is what we then say, as we absolve ourselves from any responsibility for it.

Thursday, September 2, 2021



According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, "asymptomatic individuals are defined as individuals who test RT-PCR positive, but lack symptoms that would indicate SARS-CoV-2 infection".

I wonder what then is the distinction between a person who is asymptomatic and a person who has had a false positive test result?


Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Looking at the evidence for a moment...

 As governments across the world introduce vaccine passports, I find myself at a loss: why are more people in public places not standing up for liberal democracy and for what our senses can tell us about the actual reality around us?

Below is a quote from the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) talking about the vaccine that they claim "works". "As population-level vaccination coverage increases, vaccinated persons are likely to represent a larger proportion of COVID-19 cases."
This statement seems to me like the definition of a vaccine that does not work.

That is...
"Among the 469 cases in Massachusetts residents, 346 (74%) occurred in persons who were fully vaccinated".
They reveal that out of the 469 cases, only five were hospitalised, and out of the five, only ONE was not vaccinated, the other four were all fully vaccinated. That's 4 out of 5 of those in hospital with covid were fully vaccinated. The one guy in hospital who was not vaccinated suffered from underlying conditions.
No deaths were reported.
The report concludes with the CDC admitting that their own data "are insufficient to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines against SARS-CoV-2, including the Delta variant, during this outbreak."
Insufficient! And yet they still maintain that mass vaccination is the best policy, and governments are now introducing vaccine passports on the grounds that people who are vaccinated are safer and more responsible.
Read the CDC report yourself.

Super Healthy

 Just before covid hit I had a (seemingly prophetic) vision of society where everyone was walking about super obsessed with their health. Even the way people were walking appeared engineered to serve some health benefit, every movement meticulously honed and monitored by some smart-app to enhance well-being. What was striking about the vision was how disturbing it was. It felt... well, unhealthy.

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Does our mind generate reality?

 It seems obvious that thought cannot conjure up appearances out of thin air. Yet many people assume that the mind generates the appearances of the world we are conscious of. Examples of optical illusions and dreams are given to back this assumption up. I dream I am flying, but in reality, I am lying in my bed. I think I am seeing movement, but in reality it is a succession of still images rapidly flashing before my eye on the TV screen. So from such examples it is concluded that the human mind generates reality for itself without the corresponding sense inputs necessarily conveying any reality at all.

In response to such ideas about perception and the mind, one has to be very clear to avoid getting tangled in a web of abstraction. For example, whether an appearance, that is, whether a particular "percept" is the content of a dream or whether it is something revealed in waking consciousness cannot be established based only on whether it originates from sense-inputs, for these are not sufficient for producing any percepts (if they were there would be no hard problem of consciousness). In reality, only a thinking contemplation will reveal what a particular percept is and what its origin is. Only thinking can render the true reality of a percept. But my own act of thinking cannot generate a percept, far less can it declare that all percepts are the product of my subjective mind. Whether a percept corresponds to the objective world, or whether it is the product of mere fancy can only be established by a thoughtful contemplation of that particular percept. 

Thought is thus inescapable at all levels of reality, and it transcends the subject/object duality. It follows that thinking can no longer be imagined as just being in our own heads - for when we look at the very fabric of the world, in any field of study, there we find thinking too.

 This is a brief outline of one of the central observations Rudolf Steiner makes on the subject of thinking in his book The Philosophy of Freedom 

Technological War

  In a technological war, we do not fire our weapons at the enemy, but rather at ourselves. We make ourselves the targets of our own weapo...