Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Empty and insipid Slogans of "Freedom to Choose"

 Holding up empty and insipid slogans such as "Freedom to Choose" is not only futile, it completely misses the point. What is so demonic about these mandates, from lock-downs to vaccines, is the direct attack on the human spirit. For you cannot ever take away a person's free will, anymore than you can stop the sun from rising in the morning. All you can do is degrade their spirit to such an extent that they choose your will, or the will of some delusional ideology instead of their own. To then go out and "defend" your "freedom to choose" is to already play into the hands of this demonic attack - for in doing so you are implicitly accepting that They have the power to give or take away your freedom, which they do not. On a spiritual level it would be better to laugh at them as they march you into a concentration camp than hold a placard stating your "human right to free choice".

The Archetype of all Ideas

  Our capacity to think about nature objectively is at the same time natures capacity to express itself as IDEA. Our capacity to then think...