Saturday, May 29, 2021

Steiner Education

 "Teachers still go on, weary and not a little disillusioned, in some small corner of themselves cherishing a battered ideal, dreaming at times of an experimental school where they may become artists again. And when they can they crowd to hear of such a place, as now they crowd to Oxford to hear what Dr Steiner thinks of spiritual values in education and social life…. Whoever heard of applicants for a teacher post being asked first of all of their opinion of the soul? Yet this is just the question Dr Steiner seems to put to his teachers. An uninterested visitor may well mistake details of his meaning, and convey a wrong impression; yet even at the risk of misapprehension or doubt, its value to education should not be passed over in silence… You may not believe in reincarnation. You may dispute the existence of the spiritual body, scoff at the connection between metabolism and the will, or mistake the new art of ‘visible speech’, eurythmy, for dancing. You may, of course, deny the immortal element in man; in that case you will care for none of these things. But if you admit it, you must face the consequences as Dr Steiner faces them, honestly. Call him a dreamer, occultists, clairvoyant, even crank, but do not doubt his consistency and ability. You know how worried you have been lately about the state of Europe. If you cannot go to Oxford or to Dornoch in Switzerland, you might perhaps call at the Board of Education or any other government office, and ask what provision they are making for the souls of the people."


An extract from an article in The Nation – responding to a lecture series by Rudolf Steiner given in Oxford, England 1922

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Sun King's Counsellor 

Thursday, May 6, 2021


 Mystics and Poets have spent lifetimes trying to bring to expression in words the majesty, tragedy and divine mystery that is a human being. In our modern times, however, drenched as we are in mediocrity, materialism and superficiality, we are satisfied with reducing a person to their neurology. Whereas before the articulation of our humanity was left to great poets like Shakespeare or Goethe, today we use terms that give the impression they were selected by a comity in an HR department. 

We have no inclination - worse, we are utterly disinterested by the fact that reducing a human being to concepts like "neurotypical" or "neurodiverse" is an abomination to the concept of personhood. 

Meanwhile it is forgotten (or is it intentional) that all of us are equally capable of evil whether or not we are "on the spectrum" or not, and equally, (and more importantly) we are just as much created in the image of God and are a part of the same divine world order as any other human being that has ever lived or ever will live. 

If you are tempted to believe that your neuro-diagnosis makes you exempt from the moral laws of this universal world order then you are making a Faustian bargain with the devil which will leave you without a soul. 

The Archetype of all Ideas

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