Monday, June 8, 2020

The Redemption of Thinking

Max Leyf's dissertation defense The Redemption of Thinking is well worth a watch. It includes discussions with John Vervaeke, Matt Segall, Richard Tarnas and others.

He has also done an excellent video on Rudolf Steiner's Ethics of freedom

Thursday, June 4, 2020

The Open Secret, Everywhere to be Found, Yet Everywhere Missed

In the months since this crisis began I have had overwhelming realisations of the divinity of this world and of the being of Christ in the human interactions I have found myself in. Christ is the open secret everywhere to be found, and yet there is this immense distraction from him. The distraction seems to be everywhere, all of the time, taking on every form possible. It is the first intimation I have had of a genuine need for church, the purpose of which is to pause from the distraction and allow space for the open secret.

The Archetype of all Ideas

  Our capacity to think about nature objectively is at the same time natures capacity to express itself as IDEA. Our capacity to then think...