Sunday, February 21, 2021

 Introducing Johnathan Pageau 


  1. Pageau have some really interesting discussions on his channel.

    The point that was made in the discussion you link to about how tech giants have to "farm intelligence" from humans because machines don´t simply understand or relate to quality is quite brilliant.

    On a more general note I have been thinking a bit about the tension between the symbolic worldview of Pageau (where things participate in patterns one way or another) and the Steiner/Barfield worldview (where man does influence or shape the world he inhabits).

    By the way, I like your videos.

    /Andreas Bragd

    1. Dear Andreas

      Thank you, I agree, I found Pagaue's insights quite brilliant in this video, especially the one about famring human beings for "quality".

      Regarding that tension you mention between the symbolic world and Steiner's concept of freedom, please see my post on Rudolf Steiner's philosophy of freedom. Or better, go to the horses mouth and read the book itself (I can't recommend it enough). In it I believe that tension is beautifully resolved, revealing a picture of what the human being actually is in the process.


  2. I´m not sure how to phrase this question well but how do you view archetypes, symbols and patterns and their reality or non-reality in light of Steiner´s thinking?

  3. Great question: Please see my response to AnteB in this comments section.


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