Tuesday, August 3, 2021

The Invention of the Individual

 I was once in the company of someone (educated, self employed activist/filmmaker type) when they declared that individuality was invented by capitalism. I was too dumbfounded to muster a response. There really is a difference between passive and active thinking - the latter does not rest with contradictory, self-undermining statements and will chew away at thoughts until they become sense-making. Active thinking also holds no value in ideas unless they are true. If they are shown to be untrue, the ego doesn't feel any loss, and will delight in the new-found clarity. Whereas the passive-thinker has invested their entire identity in habitual and fashionable ideas like a child to a security blanket.

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  1. Steiner' predictions of what would happen if Men did Not move-towards active thinking have certainly been vindicated. The whole matter seems to have been clear to him long before anybody else could see it.


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