Thursday, July 15, 2021

The 2020 Scandal


The real scandal of 2020 is not the deception, the real scandal is the seizing of power by the global super-state of all medical expertise and the censorship and bureaucratization of science. 
If there was still such a thing as a free market of independent experts, then we would have a choice as to which vaxine would best suit our personal situations. For example, I would happily choose a homeopathic vaxine - in my view it would probably be just as effective, if not more, as a placebo - which, in turn, seems just as effective, if not more, as the official state sponsored vaxines. 
But I don't have that option, because the global super-state has decided for me what it thinks is best, which happens to be what it has invest all our money in.


  1. I worked in public health some thirty years ago; and I believe I can see that the ground was being prepared since then (at least) for the events of 2020 (or something of that kind).

    The scientifically indefensible (indeed ridiculous) idea that vaces-as-such are necessarily and always good for people has been long in preparation - working mainly by the unrestrained demonization of any person or group who called any vac into doubt or suggested any significant deleterious effect.

    In retrospect we can see that this was needed before such an appalling situation as we have now could exist.

    Medical practice was made a business of following guidelines, which were imposed from above by committees who were hand-picked by upper bureaucrats, and given tight rules so that their results were predetermined. Scientific and medical disagreement with the resulting official line was conceptualized as dangerous dissent, harmful to health, and harshly dealt with (with media collusion).

    In general, science and medicine were bureaucratized and linked with the mechanisms of surveillance and control.

    Consequently, medicine now has very little to do with making people feel or function better or the extension of life - as ordinary people understand those terms. All is reduced to statistics of groups (averaged individuals) with terms that are operationally defined. It is a matter of definitions and procedures performed upon people.

    In a sense the Ahrimanic project has become rooted in 'health care' more than anything else, probably because of its plausible deniability - the fact that (as CS Lewis noticed in That Hideous Strength) almost any tyranny or torment can more-or-less-plausibly be justified in the name of health and therapy.


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