Monday, March 22, 2021

The Archangel Michael Slays the Dragon

Even the most brilliant scientific stories can only ever make the ranks of "current hypothesis", who's validity only lasts until a "better" hypothesis comes along. They are allowed to be "true" so long as the data support them. As soon as new data comes along (and it might come along at any moment) a new "story" takes top place. And then there is the pinnacle of materialistic scepticism; the idea that the world is in principal impenetrable to human story, that our stories will only ever be just that - mere theory.

This is an utterly unsustainable situation for the human soul, embedded as it is in the story of our personal lives. For beings who's lives consist of manifold stories to believe deep down that the world is ultimately story-less, and that our stories are nothing, is what Steiner called "being devoured by the dragon" (GA 217 Becoming Michael's companions)

But if narrative and objective reality indeed touch then the world is ultimately akin to human story proper. 

Michael isn't satisfied with us relying on religious faith alone, he wants us to really see this as the case, he wants us to behold the Christ with our own eyes. Only then will his mission be accomplished. 

(At the beginning of the full interview it is revealed that Jonathan Pageau made Jordan Peterson a wood carving. No prize for guessing the theme of the carving!) 

I thoroughly recommend the full interview


  1. Word of advice; skip the rabbit holes these two frequent.

    1. Agreed. Although I sometimes think that one man's rabbit hole is another man's way out to the surface.


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