Thursday, March 11, 2021

 The approaching societal fall-out is going to progress faster than any narrative of it will be able to keep up with. All attempts to conceptualise what is happening will fractal and multiply incoherently (as they already have been). It follows that all measures to "save" society will only feed the collapse by further exacerbating the situation. The only possible way to understand the fall-out and counter it will be to confront it at the personal level. All generalising theories about what is happening and what aught to be done will of necessity lead away from the solution and further down into darkness. The only society that can survive this is one where each individual addresses their personal situations at an individual-to individual level, avoiding all abstractions and generalisations. 

We must eradicate
from the soul
all fear and terror
of what comes to us
out of the future.

We must think only
that whatever comes
is given to us
by a world direction
full of purpose.

It is part of what we
must learn in this age,
namely to live out of pure trust,
trust in the ever present help
of the spiritual world.

Truly, nothing else will do,
if our courage is not to fail us.

Let us discipline our will,
and let us seek
the awakening within ourselves,
every morning and every evening.

~Rudolf Steiner


  1. This is good. It's exactly what I needed to read.

  2. Excellent and timely advice from Steiner - although I find the not-really-a-poem format off-putting. It would be better as a 'prose poem' - or else is just awaiting a more lyrically inspired translator.

    1. Yes, I agree completely. Steiner seems to be cursed with clumsy presentation, even when it is others (myself) doing it! I find it bizarre. But maybe it's something to do with excluding those who are not yet able to make the effort to meet the spiritual world half way.

  3. Great post.

    "The only possible way to understand the fall-out and counter it will be to confront it at the personal level." Yes, that's it exactly!

  4. I followed up a bit about the poem, and (according to this chap) apparently the second part is probably not by Steiner himself.

    1. Many thanks. Sometimes translations too stick out as not being at all characteristic. This is sort of like Goethe's archetypal plant. It has certain features which must be so, and one knows it to be, even if one has never seen such a plant.

  5. I'm puzzled by this verse ("We must eradicate ...") which has recently begun to appear so frequently and ubiquitously in Anthroposophical circles. For one thing its attribution to Rudolf Steiner is never shown, merely quoted. Unlike most other instances quoting something that Steiner said or wrote, we never see the reference. I understand that this is so because there isn't one. In short, this verse is not by Rudolf Steiner. For a lengthy discussion on this, see:-

    But in brief, nobody has ever found this amongst Steiner's published or unpublished writings, lectures, letters, or notes.

    Furthermore, in my judgment, the exhortation "to live out of pure trust" is the antithesis of the Anthroposophical path, which would encourage equanimity not faith.


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