Wednesday, March 3, 2021

 A vaccine passport is not a one-off. Once they are here you and your children will be required to get "updated" regularly, probably every year, maybe even more frequently. And every time you go for your "update" it will be a new concoction injected into your body whether you trust it or not. Your health-choices will be out-sourced to governmental/pharmaceutical institutions that will decide for you what is best, on the basis of what is best, on average, for the masses. And it is pointless to resist. Vaccine passports are a for-gone conclusion, a logical progression of a system we already live in and propagate. Resisting will be "too much bother and inconvenience". You will willingly choose the system that is already destroying the rest of the planet because the alternative is just too inconvenient.


  1. it's the slippery slope, isn't it? Seemingly quite reasonable arguments are always given to get you from A to B and then B to C but the end destination was always Z and if you had realised this when you were still at A you would never have taken that first step.

  2. I'm willingly going to choose the inconvenient alternative. As least I'll know what I am suffering for.

    1. Me too. But I know that I have no idea how difficult and testing that will be. The pressure to fold will not come from the government, it will come from work, work colleagues, and worst of all, other family members.


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