Monday, December 7, 2020

Scientism is Anathema to the Spirit of Science

Scientism is not science, its a superstition.
Of course, following the guidelines and tapping our phones into the track and trace app where ever it pops up give us the sense of security, even though we know we are playing a statistics game, the odds of which are manifestly unknowable. If a vaccine is said to be effective, we accept this statement uncritically. We don't want to think about the issue one second longer - for thinking will open us to all the other horrors that await us regardless of how many vaccines we take or face masks we wear - horrors such as loneliness, old-age and death. This is what makes the religion of scientism so compelling. These rituals help to alleviate worry.
Whether they actually do any good for our health and the health of those in our lives, let alone the health of society at large - and what the science behind all this actually is - all this is not part of our decision making. We have left all of that up to someone else to decide - the experts - and we don't even bother to ask them for any evidence to back their claims up with, because we are not after evidence, we are just after relief from the reality of life. If the measures dictated to us make sense to our uncritical, naive understanding of reality, then that's good enough. We're like the alcoholic who is easily convinced that happiness is at the bottom of the bottle. This attitude is not the spirit of science. It is the spirit of self-deception and escapism.

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